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Your perspective determines your reaction.

Could it be that we limit ourselves by our unbelief and by the way we choose to view our circumstances? Jonathan in 1 Samuel 4 was not moved by what he saw around him, but trusted in the fact that God will move regardless of the number. All it takes to move God's hand to action is a believing heart, a faith that is unshaken, a faith that says, "I see the multitude, I see the mountain of problems, but I have a bigger God."

Your perspective either keeps you alive or lead you to death. How you choose to view life has a lot to do with how you respond to it. Change the  perspective of your situation, you change your whole life.
Being a single parent, the biggest struggle has always been meeting financial needs. For a longtime, I felt like my life would be better and more fun when I have lots of money, or reach some kind of financial freedom. As time went on, and I began to learn more about myself, I realized that I am already rich, yes you heard me, "I am rich." I c…