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Court of Heaven; What it means...

To appear in the court of heaven. 

I had a moment where I was battling within myself, with my own thoughts concerning a response I had given to a friend earlier in the day. It felt like I was being accused of something I didn't do, or that wasn't insinuated. When I couldn't focus on my music anymore, I turned it down to respond to the accusation in my thought/mind, I should say now. I responded by praying, and refusing what was being forced on me. After I prayed in tongues, and made some declarations, I felt at peace.
 Later in the day, I picked up a book on my kindle to read, titled "Defeating your Adversary in the Court of Heaven." by the Praying Medic, only to realize that what I encountered earlier, was me being summoned to the court of accusation by the accuser, and my responding granted me justice in the form of the peace I felt.
This made me wonder how many times I have ignored such calls, and let the devil get an upper hand in my situation, or how many times…