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Dear God, Where Is My Husband?

Let’s get straight to the point: I WANT TO GET MARRIED!

Yes, I said it, and it’s not a secret. I was that girl who grew up under an awesome example of a Godly marriage; My parents. The point is I’ve always wanted to get married.

Here is the thing though; I wanted marriage more than I wanted to know God. You see, I love God and all of that, but I loved the idea of marriage even more. I would stalk young married couples via YouTube and social media. I would spend hours looking at Instagram and Facebook posts idolizing the idea of marriage. But I’m here to tell you, marriage is soooo much more than a big wedding, and cute couple pictures for the world to see.

I realized that I had fallen into the idolization of being married. I wanted to get married because I wanted a life long friend. I wanted to get married because I wanted to legally cuddle and have God-ordained sex. I wanted marriage for a lot of reasons… some right and some wrong. I realized that I wanted marriage to fil…

When We Trust God

When We Trust God

Trusting God sure makes everything easier, and it takes away all fears and worries. Hope you find encouragement from this quote from Luci Swindell, from  Women of Faith blog.

Religion Vs Relationship: From a Personal Perspective

You Are God’s Masterpiece

Trusting in God

Hmm, being kind of new to blogging, after I set up my account, thought to myself, "what should my first post be about?" then it hit me, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."- Proverbs 3:5 (ESV). See I'm not surprised that this passage came to mind, it is sort of what I would like to call my mantra. To me, it is God's way of reminding this little lady who always feels or thinks that it is in her power to fix or know the answer to everything. Not to worry though, God has being doing a work in me, that is why I can even have the nerve to start this blog. I have resolved to not worrying myself about what I am going to write about everyday, or who would view my blog, but to just trust that the Lord that has put the thought inside of my heart for so long now, and that has often reminded me at every opportunity He got (smiles), will give me the words to encourage myself and others with.
For those of you out there who m…