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An Adoption Story

When my daughter turned 5, some years ago, she wanted a pet, and because of our busy lives, we decided a cat would be better for right now, even though she would have preferred a little puppy. On a cat hunt we went (not really). Thankfully on one faithful day at work, my discussion with a coworker led to my putting the word out there that I was in need of a cat for my daughter, and this coworker happen to have a neighbor who was giving out kittens that were running around in his farm. So on that weekend, my daughter & I accompanied by my niece & great niece, we set out on an adventure of a lifetime to go bring out baby home. The excitement was overwhelming, the uncertainty was apparent, along we went anyways. After a wonderful horse ride, we headed to the neighbor’s farm to go get our baby. My daughter wanted a female cat, and all the while we were focused on getting a black female cat, there was this gray and white cutie that had his eyes fixed on us, I guess you can say, he …