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It's a War!!!

Today's message at church was very powerful as always. I felt that my pastor was speaking directly to me, and reminding me that as believers, we are constantly at war, we are fighting an unseen battle. The Bible reminds us in 1 Peter 5:8, that the devil our adversary goes about like an angry lion, looking for a prey to devour (paraphrased). The thing is we are not preys, but mighty warriors, we have been equipped with all that we need to take down the enemy who constantly is at war with us to steal our joy, make us feel miserable, hate ourselves, question and doubt God's promises for us.

I am reminded that my fight is not against what I can see happening around me, but that which I do not see, which the enemy, the devil tries to occupy my mind with. SO dear Lord, today  as I am reminded, I thank you that the battle has been won. I thank you for your grace that enables me to keep keeping on when I feel like rolling up the towel, I ask that your word will continue to be a consta…