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The Pursuit of God

For those who know me, I never get tired of talking about my 9yrs old daughter, because she cracks me up all the time, and in all of the cracking up and wow(ment), I learn life lessons from just being around her. About a month ago, I had to go away for a little over a week for school. While I was away, missing my daughter so much, I found myself having to beg for a phone call from her. There was this thought that kept running in my head "my little girl is growing so fast, she doesn't even miss me as much as I do her."

Time to get back from my long trip, got to pick her up from her friend's, she gave me a hug that on my account, wasn't what I expected. On our ride back home, I was so quick to let her know how much I had missed her, and how her not returning same was hurting my feelings; yeah, me trying to guilt the little girl (hey, I'm a mom, we're good at that). I liked her honesty though, "mom I'm sorry I didn't miss you as much as you want…