Court of Heaven; What it means...

To appear in the court of heaven. 
I had a moment where I was battling within myself, with my own thoughts concerning a response I had given to a friend earlier in the day. It felt like I was being accused of something I didn't do, or that wasn't insinuated. When I couldn't focus on my music anymore, I turned it down to respond to the accusation in my thought/mind, I should say now. I responded by praying, and refusing what was being forced on me. After I prayed in tongues, and made some declarations, I felt at peace.
 Later in the day, I picked up a book on my kindle to read, titled "Defeating your Adversary in the Court of Heaven." by the Praying Medic, only to realize that what I encountered earlier, was me being summoned to the court of accusation by the accuser, and my responding granted me justice in the form of the peace I felt.
This made me wonder how many times I have ignored such calls, and let the devil get an upper hand in my situation, or how many times you have done same, pushing those thoughts aside as just mere thoughts.
Beloved I would like to urge you this day, this year, to please always respond when you're prompted, respond to your accuser, appear before the judge and plead your case, so you can be vindicated. Hey you need not pay for an attorney, for Jesus your defense attorney has go ahead of you to plead your case, just show up when you are called. It's only when you appear in the courtroom that you will be given a chance of being heard.

In His service,
The helper.


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