An Adoption Story

When my daughter turned 5, some years ago, she wanted a pet, and because of our busy lives, we decided a cat would be better for right now, even though she would have preferred a little puppy. On a cat hunt we went (not really). Thankfully on one faithful day at work, my discussion with a coworker led to my putting the word out there that I was in need of a cat for my daughter, and this coworker happen to have a neighbor who was giving out kittens that were running around in his farm. So on that weekend, my daughter & I accompanied by my niece & great niece, we set out on an adventure of a lifetime to go bring out baby home. The excitement was overwhelming, the uncertainty was apparent, along we went anyways. After a wonderful horse ride, we headed to the neighbor’s farm to go get our baby. My daughter wanted a female cat, and all the while we were focused on getting a black female cat, there was this gray and white cutie that had his eyes fixed on us, I guess you can say, he picked us, and was just waiting patiently for us to realize that we came for him. True to what the gray & white kitten already knew, the black little lady we had, escaped on us, and we were left with no choice but to pick the one that was chosen for our home from the beginning. This is how Tramp became a member of a family of mother & child.

Whenever I see my dear coworker who has become a dear friend, and we talk about the cat, she always says, he’s in a better place because of us; we gave him a chance to be free from the barn life, and to be in a comfortable and safe environment. Her words always make me think about the similarity between what God did for us through His son. We are now deserving of His love because of Jesus Christ. An interesting twist though was that Tramp desired our love, he was willing for us to pick him instead. In as much as Jesus desires a relationship with us, in as much as He wants to give us full life, He is not going to force Himself on us, we have been given freewill, and that He lets us express. We have to be willing, and be yearning for His love that He is ever so willing to give. “Jesus said to his disciples, “Don’t be worried! Have faith in God and have faith in me. There are many rooms in my Father’s house. I wouldn’t tell you this, unless it was true. I am going there to prepare a place for each of you.” (John 14:1&2). The adoption story of my cat may not perfectly tell the story of our own adoption as children of God, but it does give an idea of what we as believers are blessed with; becoming sons and daughters of God, who have been promised a life of abundance.

The Helper.


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