Be ware of Subtle Prejudice

            Subtle prejudice is the worse kind that is very common in our everyday lives. We all have probably been guilty of it one way or another. we may have been partial and sometimes unfair, yet act like we really care about everyone/every race. This is not to point fingers at anyone in particular, however, it is to awaken the human race to an issue that has not only become prevalent on our football fields, where we are supposed to be teaching leaders of tomorrow,  to be fair, regardless of race and color, but has slowly walked its sneaky way into our churches. Why do we hold people back or ignore them when we feel they do not fit our standard, or the required standard of the crowd  on the field, or in the church? Allow me to pick on the church now, we ought to set the example that the world needs to follow, not the other way around. Oh no, don't think I exclude myself when I shine light on this issue, for I have probably been guilty of it as well.
              We can turn things around, if we as believers start to set good examples by doing right. Will others follow immediately? I cannot say, but I do know that if we do not weary in doing good, God will make it all work out for His glory, and we will reap the goodness of it, which will be a fair and better society.
 Galatians 6:9,
James 2:9,
 Romans 2:11
Thanks for taking the time to read through, I just thought to share my concern.
God bless,
The Helper.


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