God's Church or Family Conglomerate?

When you have a mind like mine that decides to stay awake at some odd hours, you can’t help but pick up the laptop and write. So here is what I am pondering on:
 Have you ever wondered why and how God’s business has been made some kind of a family conglomerate? Due to the fact that churches today are being run like a company where multiple activities are carried out, there is the need to want to keep things in family. What happened to what Jesus meant about “going about my Father’s business...” in Luke 2:41-52? I know you might say church matter is still a business. I get that part, but what I don’t get is when some people go as far as working so hard to keep it in the family. That is, a minister sets ups a church, then grooms his son, daughter, or son in-law to take over in the case where he is no longer able to run the affairs of the church. Please someone tell me, where is it in the Bible that such act should be practiced? And please for Pete’s sake, don’t you dare tell me about the Levites.  All I am saying is that we try and do things the Jesus way. People, who fall under this category of my description, please do not thwart your children’s destiny all in the name of family business. We are to go about expanding God’s kingdom on the earth, doing things His way. I can understand rare cases where a minister’s child succeeds his father, because that is God’s plan. However, there should not be any such thing as family conglomerate, don’t enforce thing when they are not meant to be that way.



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