Five loaves &...

Five loaves…
Often times I have heard the story of the five loaves of bread and two fish being preached, and the message is always about our needs being met. And as I would read the story over and over, I believed the same thing, until this very day, when I had to read the passage again, and asked that they Holy Spirit not make it familiar to me, but open my understanding to get something new, and that, my friend, was what happened. I’ll kindly ask that you come with me on this trip, as we explore the book of Mark 6:30-44.
You see, Jesus asking the disciples what they had, knew they really had nothing, but He wanted them to acknowledge that and come to Him empty handed, so that He could fill their hands up with all that they needed to reach out to the people. The five loaves of bread Jesus broke for the large group, represents Him who the Bible says is the bread of life. It is safe then to say that Jesus fed the multitude, of Himself. In a way He was trying to remind them that He was the bread of life sent to earth from Heaven (paraphrased,
What has this got to do with us today as believers, especially in these tough times?
It has a lot to do with us, because in the days we are in, we see that people are hungry for spiritual food, just as they are for physical food. And to be able to feed them, we have to be able to go to the source, the Jehovah Rohe, who wants to equip us with all that is needed to feed the spiritually hungry. So you see, Jesus asking the disciples what they had, was to bring to their awareness how they needed Christ to supply all that they needed to reach the hungry.  To be able to get all that Christ has for us, to reach out to the needy, it is our responsibility to get it into us. That is, we have to pursue God with all that we have, and all that we are, so that we can be fed of Him, and then in turn be able to reach a lost and hungry world. Since the number 12 represents the tribes of Israel, the significance of it in this story is that when we get our resources from God, He gives us more than enough, to the point that we have left over to feed a whole nation.
I sure do hope this blesses you as it has blessed me, and that it gives you a fresh perspective of the story about the five loaves and feeding 5000 men.
Remain blessed.
#Mark 6: 30-44, #John 6:35,


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