It's a process...

Hey I'm a work in progress, don't judge me. Be very careful when you pray Psalm 139:23-24, because God will really search you deep down. He will bring things to the surface that you may think you have dealt with. When you tell yourself you have done pretty well in certain areas, or say may be one particular area, God is sure to let you be put in a situation where what you think you have overcome will be put to the test. Dear page, this is the dilemma that I have found myself in. However though, my thinking that I have dealt with such, can still be considered growth, because I am able to identify when things start to take a turn, and then find a way to get myself out of it, or recognize that, that is when I need to talk more to the Holy Spirit to help me in the area where I may still seem to be struggling. So I will boldly say it again, HEY, I'M A WORK IN PROGRESS.

  Dear Lord, thank you for helping me see areas in my life where I still have some struggles. I lay those struggles at your feet, casting all my cares upon you because you care dearly for me, and thank you for you are doing a great work in me. Thank you for taking control of my emotions, and helping me be comfortable in who I am. I thank you for the grace to love others that can be very hard to love. I pray dear Lord that you will continue to search my heart, and bring to surface those things/ habits/action/attitudes that do not glorify your name, with the intention to change me for the better, and help me to see me the way you see me. Thank you for answered prayers, in Jesus name.-Amen.


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