A Spectator or a Participant?

I do not know if there is anyone out there who does this, but for me everything and everyone I come in contact with speak to me in lots of ways that I can let my imagination run. My brother would often say to me, “can’t you just have fun in the little things in live and not have to find a lesson in them?” And I would laugh and say to him “that is my fun.” On that not I bring you this piece; as I glanced through my FB page; I came across a very well set Soccer stadium. Lo and behold as I admired the beautiful greenery and the empty seats, my mind took me on an unforgettable journey. I felt I was being reminded of the role we all choose to play in this life, or on this stage called “Life.” Here is the picture that came to mind, as the field suddenly becomes the stage of “Life.”
Life as a stage, we have spectators, who sit on the side line either cheering others on, or criticizing them for doing something with their time, and then we have the actual participants who are the players in the field. Among those participants are those who have to play to win, and this usually involves putting in all their effort, working as a team, humbling themselves enough to ask for help when needed, and even to be that helping hand to team mates so they can emerge winners together. Now that you get the picture, I ask, where do you belong? Are you a spectator, who encourages or point out others flaws in other to make yourself feel good, or are you an active participant in the game of life, and are you being kind to your brothers and sisters who are participating, but are not very active? You know yourself better than anyone else, choose where you think you fit.
Isaiah 50:4, Psalm 119:105, Romans 12:2, Psalm 25:8, Isaiah 41:10.
The Helper.


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