“Life is like a Maze.”

Currently in my Counseling program we have all been challenged to adopt a spiritual discipline that we can commit to every day as we go on in the program. Now this challenge is to help us stay connected to God and not lose focus of who He is in our lives as we pursue a career in the helping profession. As professional helpers, we also reminded of the importance of self-awareness and self-care. So you can only imagine how big of a deal this is for me, that I keep God continuously at the top of my game. Anyways, I opted for a spiritual discipline that has somewhat been a real challenge for me, which is “silence.” You know, just being quiet before God and even people so you can really hear what is being said. And to be able to keep to this and not get burned out, I thought to go at it for 30mins every day before I do anything in the morning. Hey religious folks, don’t you dare begin to condemn me now, and question why I am giving God a time limit. Like I stated in the beginning, it’s a challenge, and to be able to keep up, and not be quick to lay all my list of needs at God like I normally would do, and call it prayer, I needed to start with setting little goals.
I must confess though, the first 2 days  were not easy, as my thoughts started to go 360degree on me, but then, I kept coming back to any picture of me and Jesus I try to imagine those days. The 3rd day though, I got a breakthrough, as the picture of me I imagined with Jesus, walking down a green field was very beautiful. All I did was listen to Him tell me how much He loves me and how much He wants to make me fruitful, as long as I stay rooted in Him. He reminded me of Psalm 1:1-3. I thought that was the most beautiful thing, it even showed in my countenance. However, on the 4th day, which is today, my moment of silence in God’s presence took a turn, - this is why I thought to share with you:
I wake up this morning, after I said my greetings to God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, like I always do; I set my timer for 30mins to embark on my spiritual discipline challenge. Today I imagined walking down a very narrow maze, behind the Spirit of Jesus, allowing Him direct my every step. I actually heard Him tell me “walk with me I will direct you on every path you should go, as this is a narrow path.” So I did, but along the way, as I was enjoying every moment very calmly, my thought began to wander, then I lost Him. When I realized what had happened, I quickly refocused, finding my way back to Him. The interesting thing is, He never moved, He was just there waiting for me to find my way back to Him, and when I did, He welcomed me with open arms and we continued, with Him telling me all about my life. Again, I got distracted, and at this time, I couldn’t get my thought back to my imagined maze. Then it hit me; “Life is like a Maze.” There are lots of distractions; we have to make conscious effort to keep our eyes on Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit direct our every step.
You see, the Holy Spirit has been sent to help us, to guide us into all truth, (John 14). He is indwelling us, only He can give us understanding into all that is God, (Job 32:8). But He will not make any move until we give Him permission to, and even when He does, and we allow the happenings of life distract us, we lose focus of that which God has for us. Again, let us make conscious effort to mind the things or the issues of life that we let distract us. On a brighter side though, I wouldn’t say I was completely distracted, because in my moment of silence, I was able to come up with this write up. Hey I’m a work in progress; He’s not finished with me yet.
The Helper.

I know I had said I may not blog often because of school, but when you get an urge, you can’t help but write, perhaps there’s someone who needs this.


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