How do you treat the Zacchaeus (es) that you come across daily?
This would not be my first time reading about the story of our dear friend Zacchaeus and his encounter with our dear big brother and Lord Jesus, neither would it my first time reading through the book of Luke. However as I picked up my Bible to fulfill my commitment to God, I came to a “bulb light” moment in Luke 19:
The lessons the Holy Spirit taught me;
Zacchaeus though did not know Jesus, was eager to see Him. He just wanted a better view of Jesus (vs 3&4)
Jesus saw a desperate man in need of love and acceptance. A man the world has deemed a “sinner” a misfit or did not deserve His audience (Vs 7).
Jesus saw his desperation as an invitation to his heart, and asked to go to his home (vs 5).
This is the “mind blower” for me;
 Jesus did not have to say a word to Zacchaeus about how horrible He thought he was, or go by what others thought of him.
All Jesus did was love on him. Jesus’ compassion was so strong that Zacchaeus on his own decided to fully repent of his sins and restitute (vs 8).
Then Jesus spoke; “Today [Zacchaeus], you and your family have been saved, because you are a true son of Abraham. The Son of man came to look for and to save people who are lost.” (vs 9&10).
May I on this note ask that you be patient with everyone you come across?
See them through the eyes of Christ, and extend love to them by how you treat them.
Don’t be quick to write them off when Christ has not written you off.
Who knows, perhaps by your actions not your words, they will come to the full knowledge of God, and willingly accept the saving grace of Christ.
Always remember, were it not for Christ, we would have been “them” so be compassionate.

Dear Lord,
  I pray for my brothers and sisters that your Holy Spirit will equip us all with the ability to show and share the love of your Son through our words, but more through our actions. Help us never to think highly of ourselves as better than “them” but that we will humble ourselves and be patient, trusting that you that did a great work in us is able to do same in them. Thank you Father for answered prayers.
The Helper


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