Emotional Eating

 If you are like me, trying to stay healthy, and maintain a certain weight can be a hassle sometimes. A lot of things can make you forget your goal of staying healthy, or having that conscious mindset of staying healthy, that you find yourself eating to feel good or to suppress whatever emotions you may be feeling at any particular time. For me I eat more when I have to do school work, or when I feel really stress about my finances. See now, just when I thought I got a good grip on this issue of emotional eating, something new hit me, and I decided to read more on it. I will be more than happy to share with you more what I discovered as I let the Holy Spirit take me through a teaching.

There is such thing as overeating to fulfill sexual urge. yes You read it right, exactly what I just said. And in the Bible(Proverbs 23:2) overeating is considered a form of gluttony, which is ungodly, and it's no different from drunkenness. If I can explain further; according to the information gathered from WordPress.com> food brothel>sexual frustration & overeating, food is used as a replacement for sex because same hormones is released during same activities. The same hormones gotten from eating things like chocolate, phenylethamine & endorphin are actually produced during sex as well. So by eating when we feel sexual desire, we are actually, in a way, simulating the same mood as we would get from having sex.

Imagine what I thought after I read through the above. Hmm, when you are bold to ask God to show you things going on in your subconscious that need to be dealt with, you better be ready for what He digs out. So there we go, found out about what more could be causing the up & down emotional eating that I sometimes struggle with, and I'm sure someone else out there too can relate.

 Hey don't misunderstand me now, having sexual urge or desire doesn't make you a sinner, what you do with them is what matters. To avoid the sin of gluttony, put all of that energy on working out. I find that constant exercising helps a whole lot, not only does it put your body at ease, you're able to channel your energy on something else, rather than eating, and hey, you're keeping in shape.

The Helper.


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