Conversation between a mother & daughter...

“Mama, I see you chewing gum, can I have some? And my response, “There’s no more gum hun, I took the last one” She then picks up the empty pack to make sure I was telling the truth. Who does that? At that moment, being the sensitive human that I am, I lashed out and made her feel really bad for not believing in me enough to just take my word for it. Hey before you crucify me for taking it so personal, this is not the first time such conversation has taken place between us, but for some reason, on this day, I took this really personal. It was so hurtful to think that my own child that knows I would give her the world in a heartbeat didn’t even trust my words. In my sensitive moment, I heard in my spirit; “If you feel this way, imagine how I feel when you don’t believe my promises to you.” That thought caught me at my tracks, and I quickly apologized to my daughter for lashing out, and explained calmly to her how it makes me feel when she doubts my words.
Now let’s apply the above scenario to our Abba God. Why do we find it so hard to trust His promises to us? We may say we never do that, and we believe every word, but our actions say otherwise. I say “we” now, because I’m including myself, as I find myself constantly doubting God’s word to me in times of difficulties or when I feel like things are not going as fast as I think they should.
 Beloved when God says you’re blessed, trust that and own it, when He says you shall lend to nations and not borrow, I’ll ask that you please believe that also, regardless of what you see around you.

Dear Lord, please help our unbelief, teach us how to hold on to your promises and trust that you will do as you have said you would. Help us to keep our focus on you regardless of our circumstances, and know that you that began a good work in us, you are faithful to bring it to perfection.


The Helper.


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