What really is your heart's intention?

We see in Numbers 22 how God finally agrees for Balaam to go answer to the call of Balak, but on the condition that he will speak only what God puts on his heart, which was that he couldn't curse the children of the Israelite. Trust humans, Balaam, though in agreement with God, had his own intentions. He probably thought in his heart to get there and twist God's words around (just my 21st century thinking). We know that God is all knowing, He knows our thoughts even before we think them. Did Balaam really think he could outsmart God? how silly, right? Anyhow, God knowing his thoughts, embarked on what I would like to call a battle with Balaam, and being the typical human, he couldn't even see or sense what was happening; he was probably lost in his thought, drawing out a strategic way to twist God's word around (reminds us of how we are sometimes, right?). It took a talking donkey for Balaam to realize what was happening in the invisible realm, and right in front of him. The funny thing was, he was mad at the donkey, only to realize that the donkey actually saved his life(the angel's report). You may wonder why God went through all that to be sure Balaam got how important it was that he stayed the course. God wanted him to know the power behind the chosen people. Knowing Balaam's intentions, He wanted to make sure he understood what it meant not to curse those that God has already blessed.

So based on the above, I ask you this question; What really is your intention when you do what you do? Is God in your plan, or are you just going with the flow? If God has given you an instruction, are you following it to the tiniest detail? or are you twigging things around a bit to suite your comfort level?

I will let you chew on that for a bit...
Consider your intentions when you do what you do!

The Helper.


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