Sometime ago, in the middle of the night, I was awoken from sleep by this question that was so resounding in my spirit; "...What drives you?" Not even stopping for a second to think it through, I quickly said "Lord you know... my love for Christ, for the things of God, drives me." In as much as that sounded  great, I bet the Holy Spirit wanted me to go deeper in my response, after all He knows, He bears witness with my Spirit and knows my actual thoughts and feelings, which is that I truly meant what I said, though my action says otherwise sometimes. You maybe  wondering,  ok "where is this going?" Stay with me now, we're going somewhere...

As time went on this question continued to hit me, then I realized I was really supposed to go deeper with my response. Yes, as a Jesus fanatic, my love for the Father, which cannot in ANYWAY measure up to that which He has for me, drives me to want to seek His face more, be like Him in every way, and this I realized a long time ago, cannot be done without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Another thing about 'drive' I also found out is that 'thing" that pushes you to keep going when you feel like giving up, that 'thing' that just would not let you quit or pack it up when all odds are against you. Or a 'drive' could be what someone said to you, and instead of you getting mad at them, you silently tell yourself, "watch me go."

Other than the love of God, lots of other things propel me in life to want to be better, to do better. So If I can encourage you today, find that DRIVE! let that be your propeller to never quit, no matter the giant that stands face to face with you, honey keep going, keep pushing along, regardless of what you are told, or called. Just remember that not everyone will get you, but God. With the question still resounding in my  heart as it was that faithful night, I ask you;


The Helper.


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