A Christian, A Muslim & A Buddhist.

A Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist,  all 3, women seated together in one room over coffee and cake in celebration of the Christian's birthday, how interesting. The topic of discussion went from work, beliefs and life in general. Being that we all come from different Countries, we talked about our Countries and the problems plaguing third world nations. The biggest take away for me was how we respectfully talked about our religious beliefs, and coming to an agreement that change for every man starts from within, regardless of your religious beliefs. And that a person who is completely transformed from the inside cannot hide the transformation, for it will reflect in his/her actions and how they relate to others.

Had I gone into the conversation with these wonderful ladies, closed minded, like the old me used to, I would have been on the defensive and not have a productive conversation or get to know them more. You don't have to change your beliefs to accommodate people you meet on a regular basis, but you can be respectful and have an open minded chat. You don't have to be quick to instill your values or beliefs on others, you know yourself, stand by what you believe in without wavering, and still be approachable. Let your actions do more of the talking than your words, you never  know, perhaps, that might be what will speak more to them than what you say. I would say, relax, get to know people, have an empowering and educational conversation, you might learn a thing or two from people outside of your faith.

Jesus is still the only way the truth and the life, no disputing that, but He wants us to love like He did.

The Helper.


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