Detours are blessings in disguise.

I remember 10yrs ago, as I was approaching 30, I had mixed feeling; fear of the unknown, and questions about my achievements and contribution to this wonderful world. I also had fears of physical changes in my body. Just name it, I had all these feelings. When I should have been praising and thanking God for how far I had come, I chose to focus on the exterior and how I had failed myself, family and the Society. Amidst all of the mixed feelings, I was thinking about how I was adjusting well to my new life of single motherhood.
On May 26, a week from today to be precise, I will be turning 40, yes, you heard me, and I so do not look a day like 40... Thank God for my parents genes and my great sense of humor (my daughter says I’m like a little girl on the inside).  My attitude approaching the big 40 is so different from 10yrs ago when I turned 30. Not to worry, I will tell you why.
You see, prior to turning 30, I was just a desperate young single lady, I didn’t know who I was, did everything everyone suggested, wasn’t afraid to explore; but  in the wrong direction, and oh boy did I seek approval from everyone and those I thought were closest to my heart. One thing I found out during those times was that those that I put in high pedestal in the affairs of my life took advantage of me in lots of ways I cannot begin to explain. I felt insulted by old and young alike, just because I allowed them into my life in different ways. I also quickly realized that a lot of these individuals projected their insecurities on me. In all of these moments, I felt so restless, like somethings were missing, until I started to take charge of my life, laying it at the feet of Jesus Christ, who through His Holy Spirit began to show me things about me. I can completely and sincerely say now that I know who I am. So on that note, in no particular order, let me share with you some life lessons I have learned;

§  Know God for yourself.
§  Know who & whose you are.
§  Forgive, Forgive, and Forgive.
§  Take responsibility for your actions, stop with the blame game.
§  Never be afraid to start over, you are never too old.
§  It is only God’s approval you need.
§  Love, Love & Love.
§  Embrace your insecurities.
§  Care- less about what people say or think about you, unless of course it’s beneficial to your growth & purpose.
§  Have a voice, use it, and speak the truth always.
§  Be fearless.
§  Have a heart of gratitude.
§  Don’t take things too personal, it’s not always about you.
§  Be kind to everyone you meet, regardless of how they treat you.
§  Be patient, love your process; everyone has a different assignment, and a different time frame to accomplishing them.
§  Never ever compare yourself to people in your circle or around you, because you do not know what they are facing behind closed doors.
§  Be happy, laugh out loud.
§  It’s ok to be a kid, connect with the fun part of that little girl inside of you.
§  Never see failures and life detours as negative, embrace them, learn from them, and move on. Detours are actually ways for you to work in God’s purpose for your life. The delay sometimes depends on your readiness.
§  Stay teachable.

Thank you for stopping by & God bless.
The Helper.


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