Dream your dream...

Hmmm, it's funny how people have a subtle way of sending insults your way. But you know what? I have learned to take it with a grain of salt & smile like I just don't get it, cos that's my way of not getting offended by them & giving them control over me. Never mind what this "person" said to me. Whatever has, and is always been said to me, have been and are always my energizer tools to keep going forward, doing me and getting what I deserve, even when in there own narrow mind, I don't deserve it or I am to old & outdated for it. The little girl inside every grown woman has a desire and a dream, so no matter how long it takes that to be achieved, another person cannot dictate to you how you should receive it or if you should still want it. Don't settle for less, whatever you desire can still be a reality regardless of how old you are or what the world or especially people you hold so dear think about you. Hold your head up high, keep smiling, keep being you, no matter how hard they push or tug at you, do not give away your power.




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