Yes I am Indestructible; A Personal testimony.

 …the devil thought he had me, when he did all that he could to mess up my childhood, but God made him understand that He’s got great plans for me(Jer. 29:11), and that I was untouchable. You would think he would relent, but hey, if you understand his tricks, he never backs down if, and when he senses you as a threat.
…As an adult, the enemy showed his ugly head yet again, trying to bring shame and disgrace, but guess what? My God is bigger than he is, always. All that he meant for evil, God has so turned around for my good, and growth (Gen 50:20, Ps.21:11), and I am a better & wiser Christian for that. I know now to allow God do as He has promised in Ps.32:8 (life is easier to navigate with God taking the driver’s sit).
…Another battle yet, is that of my mind. See the devil never gives up, he tries everything, and once he can get your mind, that’s it. But wait there is hope, God has promised us that when we constantly renew our minds through His word, we’ll be able to defeat the enemy (Romans 12:2, Eph.4:23). I would be a fool to say the battle over my mind has been won, because the renewal is supposed to be continuous. Therefore keeping God’s word in my heart helps me stay on track. His word reminds me of whom, and whose I am when the enemy tries to question or make me question my own identity. The word of God reminds me that it is only God’s approval that I need when I am tempted to seek man’s approval; it also reminds me that it is only God that can love me the way I so desire to be loved.
See, this is what keeps me winning, that’s why I can stand bold face and say “YES I AM INDESTRUCTIBLE.”

I hope this piece does encourage someone out there to keep fighting, and trusting God. And to know that there is greatness inside of you, and whatever challenges you may be facing right now is preparing you for that great future. - Shalom


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