Does He Even Care?

Does He Even Care?

When the Lord saw her, He had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.”
Luke 7:13
Recommended Reading: Luke 7:11-17
Her tears blurred her vision. While we do not know if she saw Jesus, she did not reach out to Him: her son was dead and needed life. She knew Jesus was a healer but what could He do for her? In the midst of her grief, Jesus saw her and He had compassion. Instead of skipping to the happy end of this story, let’s stop here: Jesus had compassion. 
This simple phrase is found throughout each of the Gospels. An integral part of Jesus’ character is His compassion. Sometimes we find it easier to pray for others than for ourselves. We subconsciously wonder, why would God help me? We forget Jesus’ compassion when we get stuck in this mindset. The life-changing truth is that Jesus is good and He encourages us to ask Him for help. He never ran from disease, death, or wretchedness. While we may not understand why certain prayers are answered quickly while others hang painfully in the air, we can be assured that He sees us and cares.  
There was no identity crisis in the life of Jesus Christ. He knew who He was. He knew where He had come from, and why He was here. And He knew where He was going. And when you are that liberated, then you can serve. 
Howard Hendricks 
Read-Thru-the-Bible: Proverbs 15 – 17

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  1. Wow, "...when you are that liberated, then you can serve." Jesus' compassion was the driving force to all that He did, and the scriptures make us understand that we as His, will do much more than He did. So beloved it is possible to have Christ's kind of compassion in a world that makes it so difficult to love. having this kind of compassion is only a prayer away, if only we'll be bold enough to just ask of Him that is able to give, and do all. Glory to the most high, creator of the Universe.


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