Happy 4th of July…

       As we celebrate the freedom of the United States, let this be a time that we reflect on what Jesus did on the cross to make us free, and let us bask in that freedom, knowing that we are free indeed.  As my Pastor explained it on Sunday, when we use the word “sets free,” we are doing that sentence a disfavor, in that it takes away the mightiness or the weight of what God did for us (paraphrasing). You may say, but some Bible versions use that same phrase, you’re correct, because I thought the same too, but after he explained why that did not do the sentence justice (lol); I had to agree with him. He said, when you set a thing, or someone free, you are likely to catch them again, because you only release them for a certain amount of time, but when you make them free, they are completely free, nothing can ever stop them, or get to them. This is what Christ Jesus did, when He came to die on the cross, and because He has made us free by His shed blood, no devil in hell can stop us from going forward and no sin can take hold of our lives. Again as we celebrate our great nation, let us think Heaven-ward, of what Jesus did, and remember that because of His blood, we can come boldly to the Father’s throne, we can dare to say we are righteous.
 We are free indeed, from the law of sin and death, from all forms of condemnation. Glory be to our Lord God almighty for His grace, and love towards us.
“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” –John 8:36 (KJV).
Happy 4th y’all, be safe.


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